Thread: Help me choose my master

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    Help me choose my master

    I have come to a point where i (kind of) need to decide what master I want to read, but i really cant make up my mind. So i come to the wizards of cboard for help!

    The 3 masters i have in mind are:
    Software engineering and technology
    Computer science - Algorithms, languages and logic
    Integrated electronic system design

    What would you guys think would be wise from a carreer point of view and so on? I like to program, I also grew kind of fond of developing using MCUs and things like that during my BS project but I can also see myself in a kind of a leader role eventually aswell. This has all made this kind of hard for me, so please come with any advice if you want.

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    I would suggest the CS degree, personally. SE&T just seems like a weaker alternative. Finding work in IC development is *highly* competitive (not a lot of positions available, even in a global context); your chances are roughly equivalent to becoming a successful professional athlete.
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    #include <complex>
    bool euler_flip(bool value)
        return std::pow
            std::complex<float>(0, 1) 
            * std::complex<float>(std::atan(1.0)
            *(1 << (value + 2)))
        ).real() < 0;

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    What is your current degree?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup (2000-10-14)
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    I dont have a degree as of yet. I will get a CS BS and then I get to choose among these (and others) what to read as a masters degree.

    Thanks for the imput Sebastiani, glad i wasnt the only one thinking those thoughts

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    I like the third one. It's not what I'm doing (I'm not going for a master's) but I have a fear that my degree will be useless fresh out of college. I imagine the integrated electronics systems design degree incorporates some hard science, so that would be the most useful, in my opinion.

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    The 3rd has the advantage of not being easily reachable outside academia, while SE and CS you can always acquire the knowledge from experience and practice in the wild.

    From a purely pragmatic point of view, I'd probably take the 3rd.
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    I agree with what's said here.

    Hardware stuff is harder to learn on your own compared to software.

    I actually just made my decision of specializing in electrical engineering instead of computer engineering even though I am interested in both, because I thought it would be easier to learn programming on my own.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, made my life at least a little bit easier. I think im gonna scrap Software Engineering from that list, didnt find it too interesting only to decide betwean the other two.

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