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    Weird and fun

    Jefferson Airplane's 1966 song, 'White Rabbit', has the following initial lyrics:

    One pill makes you larger,
    and one pill makes you small,
    and the ones that mother gives you,
    don't do anything at all.

    The Matrix Club had Jefferson Airplane in their opening night in August 13, 1965 and the band remained the house band during the whole 7 years of this musical club history.


    I'm doing a cleanup of my attic the whole week. There's some vinyls boxes that I'm opening and trying to sort out. Felt like hearing to some good ol' scratch and couldn't believe it when I heard the lyrics. Then I went to Google and typed, just for fun, "Jefferson Airplane Matrix movie" (where I learned about the Matrix Club). Wasn't surprised that some people had already found the connection. But I learned something cool and my usual lack of respect for the movie climbed a few considerable notches.
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