Thread: How to deepen knowledge about computing

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    How to deepen knowledge about computing

    Good morning,

    I want to deepen my knowledge about computing, but I don't know where to start.
    I program in C (not professionally), and my knowledge of C is self-taught.
    But I want to deepen my knowledge about how a programming language works, i.e., how a compiler works (specially the compilers of C).
    I want to be able to comprehend, in general, how a computer (the software part) works.

    Where should I start and how should I proceed?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Research the kernel, and lean assembly.
    “I just want to use my computer in a productive manner, not learn how to use it.” — Elysia
    “A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.” — Alan Jay Perlis

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    Learn a different operating system (eg. Linux or BSD) if you haven't already.

    It would give you much broader perspective, whether you decide to continue using it or not.

    That's why most computer science / engineering curriculum require students to learn a different OS (often Linux or UNIX), even though 90% of them will probably never use them after they graduate.

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