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    NVidia max pre-rendered frames

    Anyone have this set to something other than 0? When I leave it on the default 3 frames or anything other than 0 most of my games run like garbage. Ego Draconis 2 runs like garbage on any setting but that game has issues anyways.

    I booted up Risen today after not having played for some time and it ran terrible. Because of some recent older game purchases on Steam I changed some of my settings to get those to work and must have set my pre-rendered frames to 3.

    According to sources on the internet higher settings are for low FPS situations but it should not affect high end CPUs. It negatively affects all my modern games and yet I have a pretty decent CPU.

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    According to sources on the internet higher settings are for low FPS situations but it should not affect high end CPUs.
    You must understand I'm working from memory, but here's what I used to do with it when until an year ago I was running on a Geforce 7300 GS:

    It helped increase FPS on certain games when I would increase it up to 5. But the results where on a per game basis. And only on low fps requirement games would I notice an improvement (sometimes considerable). On high-end games, larger settings would tend to increase too much my CPU usage, introduce input lag and not change anything in terms of FPS average except for maybe a couple decimals.

    So as time went by and I kept fiddling with that old graphics card to play modern games, I've grown to use that setting only in low FPS requirements games (3D casual games and certain AAA titles like Sins of a Solar Empire) and increase it to try and get up to 6 more frames per second under the best circumstances. It was actually this NVidia setting that allowed me to play Sins on moderate game settings. When I upped max pre-rendered frames to 5, I gained 6 FPS on average I think. That little boost helped me tremendously during in-game zoom and camera movements.

    So in conclusion, and from my experience, that setting is more useful for low end GPUs that are trying to run games that just meet the GPU capabilities or slightly go above it. Increasing it will eventually introduce input lag though.

    I never used it on more capable GPUs since after that GeForce 7300, I bought an ATI Radeon HD 4770. But it used to help me. Your experience tells me, it's not so useful for high-end GPUs and confirms it is definitely not useful at all for high requirements games.
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