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    When to stop watching a mini-series...

    After seeing the first episode of Haven yesterday, I wasn't very impressed. I would have expected more from a Stephen King based show. If the next episode doesn't get any better, I probably won't watch the rest of them.
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    I'm honestly always amazed at the thought that Stephen King is some kind of quality guarantee. As a writer, he's so prolific that obviously his books are shallow, boring, repetitive and unimaginative. For years -- for decades in fact -- Stephen King doesn't write a book that isn't a piece of crap. He's the McDonalds of horror fiction and he's a bad writer that sits on the laurels of of passable early work aimed at the masses.

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    Well, the only two horror stories I've actually read are Dean Koontz' Phantom and Stephen King's Gerald's Game. The latter being inappropriate for my age at the time, but I was quite interested in how she would leave. Phantom was a cooler book.

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