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Yes. And that includes virtually all political interference with the economy. The free market should be what decides the success of a business, not political connections. And no government should have the power to set interest rates or meddle with inflation. State interference has been the root cause of every economic crisis in history.
The stock market was also a cause of an economic crisis. It is not always the government's fault. Capitalism doesn't ensure that it will work. Its ideas have nothing to do with balance, stability, justice. Which is what people want. So where will they turn for these things? The government. Because that represents them.
Which is bad, because of the corruption. And the indirectness of making laws that might not be apple to coexist with economic laws. Laws to impress the people and gain points.
I would prefer if the economic system itself involved some balance and justice. The example I gave is more towards that, than are current capitalistic system. The current system, demands the government to interfere.

If the government should interfere less or more on the current system is something that leads to already made long political discussions, which I am not really interested in.