Thread: Best Project Management and Revision Control Software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah22
    Then, I saw mercurial around which has the best OS support which I think is good because of what it is really meant, to distribute source code around.
    Git probably has the largest user base among Bazaar, Git and Mercurial. Bazaar has a Git plugin, which ironically means that you have less reason to use Bazaar since Bazaar users can access Git repositories. Nonetheless, if you actually want to distribute your unstable code to the largest possible user base, you should publish say, nightly builds in source form extracted from whatever is the version control system. That way, people will not complain that they have to install a tool that they don't use.
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    Great idea laserlight!

    About Git, I tried playing around with it and TortoiseGit today. Some said it is really slow but I didn't experience any. I found it really stable and I started liking it.

    What disappoints me was the integration with visual studio 2010 plugin which is the Git Extension. I don't know why I hate it maybe because of the lame gui + the cow logo, really. It would be probably great if they just made it just like the visualhg that has some icon thingy in the solution explorer to distinguish which file was updated, modified or etc.

    One problem I found also was when I commit for the first time and look at the history. It shows this.

    I tried looking at tortoisegit's log and didn't found this error.

    So, I might just play around customizing the visual studio toolbars? and if I found any way how to put those icon thingy like those that shows in explorer, I might make my own plugin for my own use. If only VisualSVN or some simple like VisualHg release their codes.

    Thank you

    EDIT: I found this one which I think is the best solution for my problem right now.
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