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    Question Large Dot Pitch Monitors?

    I've recently moved out of my parent's house (Shocking, I know! It's only taken me nearly ten years but what with today's economy... ) into a flat. As most of my stuff was bought for a single room instead of a full living space I'm finding myself caught short.

    I've bought loads of living room furniture and pictures and stuff but I'm stuck for a centrepiece. Normally this would be a big TV, something like a 42 inch LCD or plasma. However, I've made a conscious decision not to bother with watching actual broadcast TV anymore. Lost and whatever just doesn't do it for me. I do have a Blu-Ray player and loads of films and disc versions of TV shows that I did like when they were originally shown, in addition to all the usual computery things like a computer, hard disks etc.

    I still want the centrepiece to use the player and PC on, however if I buy an actual TV then the BBC will want to collect a licence fee from me, I think it's about 150 a year. They're pretty aggressive about it too, paying undesirables to knock on your door and attempt to conduct a search for any broadcast-receiving equipment (this includes TV cards). Turning them away just usually makes them come back.

    What I'd like to be able to do is get a big screen for my player/computer without the TV element (and preferably without speakers too, I have standalone ones that sound great). I don't think buying a TV and then butchering it to remove reception capability is going to work. Things like the Apple Cinema Display are too expensive.

    Is it possible to buy a HD TV-without-the-TV or should I instead go for the cyberpunk-style wall covered with multiple monitors to make a larger picture?

    An HD projector might be an option, but I'm not impressed by the intense whirring of their cooling fans.

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    TVs are only TVs if they have the tuner; otherwise it's called a monitor, even if it's not intended for computer use. Therefore, a search for "42 inch monitors" will return TVs without the tuner.
    42" Monitors
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    What??! That's crazy! They actually charge you a fee for receiving what they broadcast into the air?
    If you were stealing cable that would be one thing, but picking up signals that they send to you whether you want it to not -- that should be their tough luck.
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    In Europe at least, public service broadcasting companies usually charge a small fee in the form of a tax. In Portugal, this tax appears on the electricity bill and is rather low in comparison. Around 3 Euros monthly, if I'm not mistaken. But this also means this is one of the most unjust taxes you can imagine. Everyone pays, even those who can't or don't want to have a TV and radio.

    In any case, this is part of the notion of state controlled broadcasting companies having part of their funding in the form of a tax. I'm usually against it, because this also forces these companies to be of public service which should condition their programming. Problem is the rules are vague (at best) and the result is that most of these national broadcasters end up acting equal or worse than the most gruesome generalist TV and radio channels in the country.

    Just another way for governments to milk money from their subjects.
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    bernt: Yeah I did try that before posting, I either get monitors with proportional resolution (2560x1600 and above), when all I want is 1920x1200, or "commercial display" monitors which look curiously just like the company's TVs but have less features and cost nearly a thousand pounds more.

    I had a quick look at Dell's range also, their high watermark is 27 inches before they go into stratospheric money. Not bad mind, but to fill a room I think 32-37 inches is the sweet spot.

    The fun thing about taxing you for broadcast TV is that unless you're actually paying them they default to assuming that you're guilty of illegal access and send you at least one strongly-worded letter a month. There's loads on YouTube about it if you search "TV licence".

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