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    Publishing Software (Open Source)

    I am interested in publishing a program so other people can use and hopefully implement. The software is about creating any boardgame and playing online. I would like to ask in which place would it be better for it to be published. Preferably somewhere where people could search software (even just by name). I would guess also that I would need to register the software under an open source licence?
    Any general advice is apprecieated

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    Sourceforge tends to be the hot spot for open source software projects.

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    1,413 (associated with sourceforge) is a nice way to let people know of your project as well, you basically get front page attention every time you roll out an update.

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    I've used a bunch of them (freshmeat, sourceforge, google code, launchpad, savannah), and sourceforge is far and away the best in terms of "what you get" (eg, they will host a homepage under your address, in addition to their own listing, and you get secure shell access to the server, you can use CGI -- it's better than some low end web hosting packages, you even get an email address; the other ones just use a generic page you fill out in 5 minutes) altho the sf servers are SLOW.

    Can't say much about the generic interface at SF or anywhere else, don't particularly like any of them. Savannah is probably the most awkward to use, but it's kind of cool, you also get secure shell access, web hosting (I think, I haven't taken advantage of that yet), and an email address, they host a lot of official GNU stuff.
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    C programming resources:
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    CCAN -- new CPAN like open source library repository
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    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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