Thread: Goodbye, Dave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck View Post
    Unless Dave has actually passed on (and it kind of sounds like he hasn't), I find this thread a little disturbing.
    well, i must say i find this disturbing too......

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck View Post
    Unless Dave has actually passed on (and it kind of sounds like he hasn't), I find this thread a little disturbing.
    I'm with you there. We should be wishing him a speedy recovery - not talking like the man's already a goner! Cancer can be a very tough adversary, yes, but it can be beat. Here's my armchair prescription:

    - Drink plenty of water (purified).
    - Eat lots of fiber, and avoid meat and sugar.
    - Keep the injury clean and dry, but be sure to bathe it regularly (a good concoction for that is honey, garlic clove, and purified water with salt).
    - Alternating cold and heat can speed up the healing process. Use a bag of salt, ice, and water wrapped in a wet towel inside of another bag for a cold pack, the same setup with boiled potatoes (in hot salt water), for a hot pack. Apply each for 15 to 30 minutes, back to back, for as long as you can tolerate.
    - Bedding should be clean and comfortable, naturally. A half dozen or so high-quality pillows helps.
    - Breathe clean, fresh air, and avoid excessive humidity.
    - Think positive. A well-balanced state of mind facilitates healing.

    Take care, Dave!

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    It shouldn't need to be mentioned that it's "out of place", seriously. Wishing someone goodbye who hasn't gone yet... that's just silly.

    I will instead say, I wish you a speedy recovery. And, unrelated, thanks for the contribution you have made to this forum and others.

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    Wow that's a shock. I didnt have a clue about this.

    Best wishes to him and his family & friends

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    I don't want to debate here, but I do want to say this. What good is a goodbye if the person is already gone? I'm thankful for joeprogrammer bringing this to light now, so that Dave may be able to see that he was appreciated here and that many of us are deeply saddened by this news.

    I'm sure everyone would be thrilled if Dave was able to recover, or even enjoy life a little longer than predicted. If you'd prefer to express that sentiment instead of saying goodbye, I don't think anyone would mind.


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    I've been on many the receiving end of helpful exchanges with Dave, I admire is wisdom and courage and wish him all the best. I'm sure his on-line legacy is as revered as those who knew him in-person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck View Post
    Unless Dave has actually passed on (and it kind of sounds like he hasn't), I find this thread a little disturbing.
    Not as disturbing as Dave Sinkula does, maybe

    I bet he won't even respond....
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    I had no idea Dave was sick.

    Best wishes to you, Dave. You've made a very positive impact on lots of people that you don't even know.

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    oh God...,
    i am so sad . why is it happening to me ? just a week ago one of my friends died because of tumor in his head , and now Dave . i dont personally know him, but losing this valuable friend of us is hard on me
    i pray for him to make it and get rid of that damn cancer , i do believe in God and i do know his miracles , and i am sure if its good for him to live , God will help him to make it .im so sure of it after all of his helps to people he deserves it .
    i'm really sad
    God help him please
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    Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words and thoughts and prayers.

    Even before I was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma, I had begun to shy away from posting here on Cprog. This is partly due to the utmost respect I have for the regulars and even the "homework" type posters -- Cprog has accumulated a very respectable group of C and C++ programmers. I don't want to add "watered down" replies: Cprog people have earned far better.

    I'd also experienced an urge to comment on the political since about late 2007. I've tried to keep that mostly on other forums that I consider of lesser quality "C" posters. And it has become more and more difficult to maintain focus and even try to type replies.

    I made mention on IRC the other day that I was saying goodbye. (I was taken aback by this thread -- kind of like encountering one's own obituary [even though I wrote my own obit already] -- but I take no offense by it.) My strength seems more and more sapped by the day. I wanted to say goodbye to folks while I still can -- and I hope that will be for a while yet. But medical facts are an issue I have to deal with.

    I want to thank so many people here, but I'm afraid of forgetting too many people from the "list". So please accept my thanks to all who have helped me become a better programmer over the years.
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    Hey Dave, I'm glad to see that you're still kicking. You don't know me, as I'm primarily a lurker here, but I've read many of your posts and learned a great deal from them. I've found your contributions to cboard to be very valuable.

    After looking up your blog and other sites, I learned that you're from Coon Rapids. I'm a Minnesota native myself. (And the guy holding the flag at the Capitol from your tax day photos looks just like one of my professors from the U of M)
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    Hi Dave. You've set a great example here and I keep thinking I should act more like you. Sorry you're sick, I hope you get better.

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    -He says he's not dead.
    -I feel happy! I feel happy!

    Think happy thoughts if at all possible. Best wishes for you and your family. You contributions here (and elsewhere) will be remembered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hk_mp5kpdw View Post
    -He says he's not dead.
    A whole lot better than not saying he's dead, I agree.
    Anyways, didn't notice he had posted! WTG Dave!

    Think Democrats, think Nanci Pelosi. That should put you up back again for a fight!
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    Thank you, Dave - and best wishes for you and yours.
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