Thread: Are we the same?

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    Are we the same?

    I'm so very competitive. I want to be the best as always. I stressed myself too much for me to have a good project that is incomparable to those of my classmate. I love being noticed because I'm not really that smart unlike those people who has a great logical thinking. I'm good in Math and Programming but not great!

    Are we the same?

    If so, are you happy right now? Honestly, I'm really sad right now. Because there's a class I'm taking right now that made my mind go boom! It's linear algebra in computer graphics. It is not fun at all. I prefer the pure math though. I can't understand what my professor taught and most of my classmate too. Then there's 3 guys here in the class who can answer most of the professor asked.

    Do I have any problem on myself. Do I lack the mind to continue my career in computer graphics? Is it not for me? I want it because I love graphics but sometimes there are these gigantic walls that prevent you from having an inspiration to continue want you really want.

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    First of all, RELAX!
    If you haven't already, take some time to think about the class and how do you want it to work, without a PC!
    There are NO smart or no-so-smart people ( unless you have some physical problems ), so stop crying!!!
    YOU should be happy with what you do. When i get frustrated if i can't find the way to solve a problem, i close my PC and do something else and suddenly, puff, here's the solution!
    You said you love graphics right? Then break down these walls end move forward!!!!

    Linear algebra you say? I like computer graphics as well and i want to be a PC games programmer in the future. Why don't you write your code here? I MAY be able to help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah22 View Post
    Are we the same?
    No. I'm not competitive. Neither I try to be the best at anything.

    Do I have any problem on myself.
    Yeah, to say the least.

    Dunno. I remember a time when I was a student. Whatever I didn't understand, I tried to... what's the word?... study. You know, hit the books. Dive in. Try. Ask for help. I do not remember however suddenly understanding stuff by indulging self-pity or forcing others to listen to it. But perhaps you want a condescending hug. Is that it? Someone saying to you that everything will be alright. That you will soon understand linear algebra. That it's all a phase.

    It's not. It's a nightmare. And you better get your act together or you'll flunk like so many other worthless students you love to see fail when you are taking your 1st of the class prize.



    I've been advised that may sound a little too harsh to you, if it happens you read this in the wrong light. I don't want that. I wanted to be abrasive, but not that kind of abrasive. Instead for you to realize crying about it doesn't solve your problems. Instead you do the only thing you can do: You study.

    I do take an issue with your "I want to be better than everyone else" attitude. And also make a point of remind you how easily it can turn against you when, as it seems to be the case, you define yourself around that. I'd advise you to drop that attitude, which tends to make your life very difficult at school (and for the rest of your life) and garner a lot of enemies. Instead concentrate on trying to be good at everything you do and surround yourself with people that know more than you do.

    If you want to compete, choose your time and your target carefully. There's plenty of opportunities for that. Math tournaments, sports, and later in your life, job hunting. The rest of your life should instead be dictated by how good you want to be at what you do, not how better you do it than the guy next to you. And right now, you can't even hold yourself against Linear Algebra, so there you have your worst challenger. Yourself. Beat it.

    Just leave the whining.
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    You really shouldn't be sad and competitive over a few people smarter than you in class. There's thousands, if not millions, of people smarter than you in the world. I hope that makes you feel better.

    I would say a little less whining here, and a little more studying what you "love" so much (or is it beating people that don't even know they're competing, or perhaps even want to, that you love).

    Mario put it best.
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    I'd say 75% of the people I work with have PhD's. I don't. Rather than being intimidated, I see this as a continual opportunity to learn from extremely bright people.
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