Thread: And now for something near to our hearts

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    And now for something near to our hearts


    As a soldier I drank a lot of coffee in the 70's, as an electronics tech and then a programmer till now I have drank even more. I know what coffee I like and what I don't but would like to post two simple questions to the board. 1 is purely opinion and one is a curiosity for me that I just cannot sort out:

    1. What is your favorite coffee and why? I cannot stand French Roast or most Starbucks because it tastes burnt but Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, usually roasted *that day* is hands-down the best I have had. Never bitter but carries a nice full flavor w/o being overpowering. Runner up: Fresh bean coffee on the island of Kauai. There is nothing like sitting on the lanai, sipping some of this and watching the sun set on the Pacific with the one you love. Nothing.

    2. Even the finest beans bear the following instruction: Do not use filtered or bottled water. Huh? Some of the places I have lived have great tap water but brothers and sisters, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas has the cr@ppiest tap water I have tasted outside of Berlin (and they had an excuse: water pipes that had been around since WWII). Can anyone explain what the thinking is here? I just use clean water and be done with it but maybe a "real" coffee lover can explain how dodgy water is supposed to help...

    Which reminds me, the coffee should be ready...brb!
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    I'm not an advanced coffee drinker so I enjoy the flavored cream I put in the coffee more than I enjoy the coffee. Maybe someday my tastes will refine.

    I can't see any reason why filtered/bottled water would be undesirable, unless you remove too many minerals. It's distilled water that you should probably stay away from. Something about the minerals in the water making it taste better yada yada. I couldn't tell anyway after all the cream and sugar I put in.

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    I'm an addict to coffee. Consequently anything that I can use to get my fix is good enough. But I could say I'm partial towards African coffee.

    As for the tap water thing... this is mostly for connoisseurs. But the idea is similar to that of tea. Tap water brings with it flavors that could alter your coffee own flavor qualities. Filtered or bottled water does not (should not) have such flavors. Incidentally spring water can act much like tap water in this regard, however (i'm unsure about coffee, but it's known of tea) some experts swear over certain spring water and tea leaves combinations.
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