Thread: Download Links dont work

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    Download Links dont work

    Hey guys. I wanted to take a look at your source-code examples.
    Those on your main-site under "Ressources"->"Source Code".
    The links were somehow changed to local adresses "c:\...", "e:\..." and dont work.
    I would be very glad to learn from your code examples.

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    no-one responded yet? no admin here?

    no-one responded yet? no admin here?

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    I don't see the problem you describe, whatever that means.

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    I believe the OP is referring to the main site where (some?/most?) of the links are dead.
    Free Source Code -
    for one.
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    Well spotted!

    I've pointed it out to the site administrator.


    I can also now reveal that this is no error... it was a deliberatly oblique psychometric test laid out in cooperation with the US government to find astute programmers fitting a certain moral and professional profile. I cant pretend to understand the meaning or method behind it, but I know that reporting this on the GD board has meant that you have "passed" the test and are exactly what they are looking for. With regard to your reward, I'll leave that to the CIA operatives that are no doubt on thier way to your location (thanks to us passing them your IP number). All I can alude to is that if you like the idea of working overseas, programming missile guidance systems and learning new (Middle Eastern) languages while you use them then you will feel a very lucky man within the next 48 hours. I hear that the weather is lovely in that region this time (and in fact all times) of the year. Keep an eye on those scorpions though

    Best of luck citizen, I've little doubt that you'll make us all proud!

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