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    Krugle on your desktop

    I've just been over the phone with Brian Gee at Krugle. I've requested an evaluation version of their Krugle Enterprise product.

    For you who don't know, Krugle was one of the first (I reckon) source code search engines on the internet. Either that, or one of the first to offer you more than a shopping list of source code (search for say, String: lzma, Language: C++, Area: comments).

    Over here we are interested on their Enterprise Edition. Essentially an offline Krugle, for source code indexing, cataloging, searching and analysis (Code Portal and Defect Containment).

    The good news I got from Brian that may interest you guys is that they will be releasing within the next couple or weeks or so, Krugle Basic. It's the exact same thing as Krugle Enterprise, but free of charge and limited to 1Gb of indexed source code. Feel this is great for small enterprising and for personal projects. Your own source code search engine indexing all your projects.

    Dropped the ball on the Enterprise edition and will be waiting for the Basic.
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