Thread: Billing street address.

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    Billing street address.

    When filling in a form written in American and they ask for your "Billing street address" do they refer to your home address or is this the address of your bank?
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    Your home address. The address they will send the bill to via snail mail if needed.
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    The bank does not appreciate receiving your bills. Ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteflags View Post
    The bank does not appreciate receiving your bills. Ever.
    Hahaha. I am not used to the word "billing" so it kind of confused me.

    Thanks both for the help.

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    This refers to your POSTAL address. The difference is between your delivery address (your street address) and the location where the bill is sent (which COULD be a P.O box).

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    Your zip code (and by extension your "billing address") is often used to verify the integrity of a credit card transaction - so if this is for a credit card payment - you should just put whatever address your credit agency has on file.

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    I'd be more than happy to send all my bills to the bank. Now if I could just get them to pay them.

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