Thread: Looking for a Direction.

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    Looking for a Direction.


    I've spent years trying to figure out a path to become a good coder. I went to college and began studying C++ coding and I ended up failing out not because of the code and the understanding but because of laziness.

    So I'm looking to get back into the world of coding, and I've always been interested in C/C++ but I also am interested in web coding. I've been jumping between projects forever. I start playing with C/C++, I jump to HTML, I jump to PHP, and then I give up and go back to being a bum trying to find a job at a local wal-mart.

    So I'm looking for a little bit of direction as someone who wants to start out and learn C/C++ and possibly branch out from there. I am looking to do C/C++ as a profession and possibly begin in the freelance market.

    I guess my question is does anyone have some advice and possibly a path for me to begin on?

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    My advice: see something through to completion.

    From your short description above, you mention how you constantly jump around and never finish anything. Although it is understandable that at times you will not finish a project because you just set out on that project to learn new principles and test your skills, you need to set reasonable goals that you can complete. There are many projects that I have never completed (from which I learned tons), but there is even a larger proportion of projects that I have completed (from which I also learned tons).

    To be honest, it's more of an issue of motivating yourself to not be lazy, not procrastinate, and actually do an honest day's labor rather than letting it all go to waste. You'll find that as you do that, your successes will motivate you to continue, you'll feel good about the projects you complete, you'll learn, and you'll be able to continue to do more and more.

    So, to finish up: set reasonable goals. Aim high but not too high. Find a project you can work on that you can say, "Hey...I can do that. That's not too hard, but it will take a little time and effort", and then go and do it.
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