Thread: Hardware/software solution for online tutors

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    Hardware/software solution for online tutors

    I recently downloaded GoToMeeting . I am thinking of using it to help me learn computers faster. I recently went back to school and am frustrated with my own ability to learn at times.

    I don't mind studying a lot (I study all the time actually). But I hate wasting time. Sometimes I have a bug in my program that is so simple but wastes a couple hours or more; that to me is wasting time if someone can give me a quick hint. I also struggle in math and could use a few hints now and then.

    I don't ask people to do my work, but I'm not to proud to ask for hints after about half an hour of getting nowhere. I also see an abundance of online people looking for work.

    GoToMeeting is going to work very well I think for this task. However, having a tutor drop in for a handwritten math question is another problem. I thought about setting up a webcam that points downward onto my desk surface where I write. Does anyone know of a hardware solution for handwritten work that can be easily viewed online? Any hardware/software solutions regarding online tutoring help would be appreciated too.


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    My son took pre-calculus last year at high school when he was a senior. At his school, kids could check out an extra textbook for home use, so they didn't have to lug books back and forth. In his pre-cal class, they had an option for a CD version of the book instead of the hardback, and he used that. It was great.
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    I don't know about GoToMeeting, but a lot of video conferencing software has a "canvas" tool you can use to draw on the screen - how would that work for you? Depending on how much you wanted to invest in this, you could even go for a touch screen and a stylus - but a friend of mind frequently takes notes in Math this way and does fine with a mouse.

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