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    My Incomplete Book list

    Since I find myself repeatedly posting book references, either here or on other sites, I decided to go ahead and post the actual list of books I use frequently. This list is nowhere near my complete library, as I only add a book to the list after I have at least skimmed through it and then only when I post it somewhere. In particular there are a large number of electronics books, as well as other subjects. I only list books that I own as well.

    Here it is -
    General application programming -

    Turbo C/C++ the Complete Reference ISBN 0-07-881776-5
    Object Oriented Programming in C/C++ ISBN 1-878739-73-5
    Technical C++ ISBN 0-13-042888-4
    Programmer Technical Reference: The Processor and Coprocessor, 1-56276-016-5
    Programming Mcrosoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television, ISBN 0-7356-1821-6
    Programming Windows 5th Edition by Charles Petzold - 1-57231-995-X
    Programming Windows with MFC 2nd Edition by Prosise - 1-57231-695-0
    Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors, ISBN 0-201-74119-9

    Artificial Intelligence (general) -

    Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach ISBN 0-13-790395-2
    Neural Networks, A Comprehensive Foundation, ISBN 0-13-273350-1
    Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition, ISBN 978-0-19-853864-6
    Biophysics of Computation, Information porcessing in single neurons, ISBN 978-0-19-518199-9
    Theoretical Neuroscience, Computational and Mathematical Modelling of Neural Systems, ISBN 978-0-262-54185-5
    C++ Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic, ISBN 1-55851-552-6
    An Introduction to Genetic Algorithm's, ISBN 0-262-63185-7
    Signal and Image Processing with Neural Networks, ISBN 0-471-04963-8
    Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Applications in C/C++, ISBN 0-471-30975-3
    Neural and Intelligent Systems Integration, ISBN 0-471-53676-8

    Game programming -

    Tricks of the Game Programming Guru's ISBN 0-67230507-0
    More tricks of the game programming guru's 0-67230697-2
    Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Guru's 0-67232369-9

    Programming Game AI by example 1-55622-078-2
    Focus on 3D Terrain Programming 1-59200-028-2
    Introduction to 3D game programming with DirectX 9.0 - 1-55622-913-5
    Mathematical Techniques - 1-58450-58-1
    Level Design Terrain and Sound - 1-58450-213-4

    Massively Multiplayer Game Development vol. 1 - 1-58450-243-6
    Massively Multiplayer Game Development vol. 2 - 1-58450-390-4

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    Have you ever visited the Library Thing?

    Here's the list I created there a year ago, but wasn't updating it much lately. This year I was buying only iPhone development books with a few "Advanced Unix" titles so Windows programming part of the list wouldn't have changed anyway.

    Maybe you can open an account over there and have all your books listed with all additional information, pretty pictures and all?
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    I keep a list on my thumb drive, because I don't always feel like posting the entire list, I usually just post a few links that are specific tot eh problem.

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