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    When I saw the title of the first link, I thought to myself: "Wow, she really hates Google." ...uh, I mean, Gaggle.
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    I see it... I see the pattern! It's true! The world IS going to end in 2012... Unless.... We HAVE to stop Wikipedia. They're the key to everything! Destroy Wikipedia, save the world!![/alprazolam episode]

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdragyn View Post
    We HAVE to stop Wikipedia. They're the key to everything! Destroy Wikipedia, save the world!!
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    I was surprised that they had taken over youtube. When I looked in to the acquisitions I had no idea that there was so many. Just wanted to share.

    ps i like wiki

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    Interesting that the top ten sites account for 40% of "web traffic", but his premise/analogy is deeply flawed: consumers of facebook and myspace may also be largely the producers of it's content, but the idea that this "provides an incredibly efficient mechanism to harvest the economic value of the free labor provided by the very many and concentrate it into the hands of the very few" in some significant or meaningful way (consider the context of the economic system as a whole) made me laugh out loud -- I actually thought this article was an "Onionesque" spoof at first. That is like saying Lego or General Motors (or any manufacturer) is "harvesting the free labour provided" by it's many custumers thru market research, because those customers (who actual pay for the product) put many many hours into using the product, and it is their feedback which governs the design and evolution of the product. This does not change the fact that those hours, according to classical economic theory, are not hours of labour, they are hours of leisure, and what is being exploited (correctly) is advertising, which does not depend on harvesting the audience's "economic potential" in any way beyond the obvious. It harvests the dollars they already spent on other, totally unrelated products, and on the (correct) assumption that they can and will do it again. This is why it is a consumer activity of leisure: because you bring your money to the table, you do not plan to make it there. Are restaurants "harvesting the economic value" of the appetite of the very many? I guess so. Where's the beef? This guy has said nothing and made a poor attempt to dress it up as profound.

    It sort of reminds me of what you might hear if you invited a demented OCD economist over for some food and music: always the most trivial and irrelevant angle, missing the point of everything.
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