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    Which Editor

    I have yet to find an editor which suits my needs and is simple to use.

    Features I want from it:

    Auto indent,
    Smart indent ( adding an extra tab inside if brackets etc),
    auto complete - does not matter.
    preferabely with addons and easy to add extra languages,
    If possible: Intel syntax for assembly highlighting.

    I know of vim and Emacs, but I find both of them horrible when trying to look trough alot of code.

    I do not ask what you think is the best. But which would fit my demands best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troubled
    I know of vim and Emacs, but I find both of them horrible when trying to look trough alot of code.
    How exactly are they horrible in this respect?

    You might also want to list out the other editors that you have tried but which you have rejected.
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    I don't like the way it works, and you can consider them fitting under the 'rejected' category.
    Other than that we have pspad and notepad ++ in that category.

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    Have you looked into eclipse? It's not an editor per se but an IDE to be precise. It has most of the features you want i think.
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    Have used it for php some time ago.
    It does the trick but is to heavy weight, takes long to start etc.

    EDIT: Found one, Scite is it called. Perfect.
    Can be closed.
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    I find it strange that you would say vi is a horrible editor when looking through a lot of code. I find it just the opposite.

    At any rate, you can try NetBeans. It is another IDE (like Eclipse) which seems to have a lot of functionality.
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    I don't think you'll find an editor that has all those features, isn't heavy-weight, and already comes with lots of extensions other than vim and emacs. Notepad++ has a mechanism for autocomplete, but again - you'll need to spend considerable time getting things to work just the way you want - you might as well just learn to push tab yourself after a curly brace.

    edit: CodeBlocks and NetBeans may be lighter-weight than Eclipse, but I would still consider think heavy-weight if you just want text-editing features.

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