Thread: Ben & Jerry's getting worse?

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    What is more likely is that they are whipping a larger quantity of air into the ice cream than they used to. This saves milk while retaining volume. To know for sure, you'd measure the density, but since we have no samples of B&J's before the alleged change...
    Unless you can find some stock photos of the cartons before the alleged change, then the net wt. would give it away

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    There is a great ice cream place right near our house. It is better to eat it there rather than buy the quarts though because it does get freezer burned in a short time. It is good quality ice cream and known throughout the region. I guess if I was really that into ice cream, I would make it fresh myself.

    I don't really like to buy those cartons in the grocery store, because it really doesn't taste as good as fresh-made.

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