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    Well, good news. It works fine. And it also responds to Aero Snap. The snapshot is rather crude, my apologies. It's what you get when you resize a snapshot from Windows Paint.

    Windows 7 Ultimate [Version 6.1.7600]
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    Quote Originally Posted by adeyblue View Post
    Oh that's what you meant, you can do that easily.

    Right click the title bar->properties->Layout and set the Screen Buffer Size: Width to a bigger number (125 is sufficient for me, other resolutions will probably differ), then maximize it.

    If it doesn't quite cover, use a higher number; if you get a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom, make it smaller, rinse and repeat.

    As long as you never change the screen buffer width it'll always maximize to full size.
    I think you also need to change the Window Size to match the new width you set in the Screen Buffer Size; or at least that's what I always do.
    I set my Window size to 120x80 & the Buffer Size height to 9999 so it has maximum scrollability.
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