On that we definitely agree.

I'm always mildly interested when I hear about an operating system that is going to change the world, or that is going to be the easiest to operate ever, or that will be the most stable since researchers invented Xanax. Can it be that they found the secret formula? Can it be now?

I become interested.. mildly... because my curiosity overpowers my common sense. The fact is that we all know where those words are coming from and what's their intent. For the most part just meaningless catch-phrases meant to promote a product. "Sugar Bombs Breakfast Cereal - Explosive Great Taste!"

What I did find interesting however on this case, is that Google is showing us the usual "Easy to Use!" catchphrase, but with a clear meaning this time. That of a web only computer. So there may be grounds here for something interesting. Useless to many perhaps. But no doubt interesting to follow. If for nothing else, to take ideas from.

Of course, this is no indication they will indeed produce something easy. We will have to wait and see. The OLPC also had a clear aim in mind and yet is the epitome of a good idea gone wrong (here and here)