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    Career advice

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get an entry level position as a C developer? I'm 28 and have an unrelated degree. I am just wrapping up a year long C programming course. A full on CS degree isn't really an option at this point.

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    Usually the only education requirement for a lot of entry level programming jobs is having a degree; it doesn't necessarily matter what the degree is in.

    For the most part, the only thing a degree is good for (this goes for just about everything that's on your resume actually) is to land a job interview. Once you have the interview lined up, it's up to your programming skills to get you the job.

    Of course there are always exceptions to this. For instance my current company won't even consider people for software positions unless they have a degree in computer science/engineering. I think this hiring practice is pretty poor though, because I know there are some great programmers out there that just don't have the degree.

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