Thread: Anyone gonna watch the Confederations Cup final tomorrow?

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    Anyone gonna watch the Confederations Cup final tomorrow?

    I know there are plenty of non-American regulars on this forum... many of which think highly of the sport of soccer (football?). While odds would suggest that tomorrow should likely be a very lopsided event, one cannot doubt that soccer can be a very crazy sport sometimes. Anyone looking forward to busting out the munchies and watching this event tomorrow?
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    Watched the game live, as I did with most of the others. US v Spain and Eygpt v Brazil were the best of the qualifiers.

    Great to see the US beat Brazil at their own game (fast counters) in the first half.

    Took some of Brazils best to beat the US in the second half.

    Howard had a great game. (did the whole ball cross the line?)
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