Thread: Michael Jackson: dead at age 50

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    Personally I have to confess a very strong dislike towards Zionism. That much can certainly be said of me. In this context, and especially during specific moments of Israel history, I'm pretty sure I have made similar or worst remarks. And yet, I'm far from being an anti-Semite, since I'm a strong supporter of religious freedom, I admire many aspects of the Jewish religion, have Jewish friends, defend the right for Jewish cult and despise anti-Semitism. And all this, despite the fact I'm an atheist.

    So, there's a context.

    Similarly, if in a feat of anger after having being fooled by a Australian cashier, I say something in the lines of "f*ing aussies!", while I find that deplorable and will certainly regret having lost to anger, that will not mean I'm anti-australian, or hate the Australian people. Or, that would put a dent on my marriage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharke View Post
    Che Guevara shot a pregnant woman in the stomach at point blank range and had thousands of innocent people executed yet I still see naive kids wearing his image with pride.
    Che Guevara was a militant marxist revolutionary, which is the only reason anyone I've ever known wears the shirt. Militant marxists revolutionaries usually endorse violence as a means to an end, just like American Presidents usually do.

    Anyway, I raise the question of how naive do you really believe these "kids" are? Being young and poor in Brooklyn probably does not make you "by definition" incapable of or unwilling to empathize with militant marxists, altho that struggle may be non-existent in the US. Of course, because of the cross-over here (said kid is a dead ringer for his friend, the equally young poor "artist", who's politics are softer or less clear) and before you know it, the soft black cap with the red star ends up in fashion magazines.

    A few weeks ago I had to explain to a twelve year old what the big anarchy symbol on his new skateboard meant. I don't think he understood. I tried.

    But that person was obviously not an adult, and this does not mean the circle A or the red star are now just fashion statements, altho it may seem that way to you, a consumer of "fashion statements" (that is a valid, albiet narrow perspective on life, the sort of innocent perspective a twelve year old might have). But methinks it is not necessarily the "kid" who is being naive there, Sharke. You better watch out. On the wrong night, he might drop you for the change in your pocket...having left the shirt at home Some sort of marxist with anarchist sympathies maybe....
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    sorry if this thread was too old :S
    anyways, I never knew that Che did such things, that might be why 'kids' wear his mark with pride?
    Also, concerning Michael Jackson, I think Jon Lajoie says it all -> YouTube - Michael Jackson is Dead
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    Fortunately it is which means I get to close it. Now if only I had the same mod powers with the news media we would all be happier.

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