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    64 sucks

    I love the articles posted there because sometimes it helps a lot but the Moderators here are so childish and they always start the fight by replying to your thread with a troll-like post. It's fine if the members of the forum reply on your thread but when the moderators comes there. The fight begins. lol. They think they are really smart that everything they say are right like saying don't write an engine, write games then he'll post something that will really make you think to stop what you really doing. Instead of supporting you by giving some books or links they will make you feel down. What the heck was that? Sometimes they say, N00b!!! Idiot!!! Stupid!!! Moderators posted that really. Try searching there. I want to learn how to write an engine not games. I prefer doing that and right now my engine is in good shape. I love fancy graphics. Anyone here noticed this childish moderator on this famous

    Is there any game programming forum better than this childish forum?

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    If you were in the marines and your sergeant walked up to your face screaming:

    N00b!!! Idiot!!! Stupid!!!

    You would thank him or her for it and agree. Why do you think computer programming should be any different?* Not everyone can be a marine, and most sane people would not want to, either.

    *that is a rhetorical question, so don't try being a smartass
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    C programming resources:
    GNU C Function and Macro Index -- glibc reference manual
    The C Book -- nice online learner guide
    Current ISO draft standard
    CCAN -- new CPAN like open source library repository
    3 (different) GNU debugger tutorials: #1 -- #2 -- #3
    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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    The forums aren't suppose to be the marines, nor can they be compared. What is your post getting at?
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    Ugh. "Slating another site" posts. Everyone bangs on about free speech and whatnot on the internet and then fail to use those freedoms when they make a decision about where to frequent.

    If you don't like a forum, don't post on it. If you see a troll, don't feed them.

    Use your power of free will.
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    Exclamation Moderators

    The problem is that you are viewing the moderators as normal users.

    Besides their job of keeping order in the forums, they are here to guide you using the expertise they have acquired. If you want books and links that will teach you game engine design, then you will get those from the users, but, it is really the responsibility of the moderators to inform you that it would be a better idea to begin by making games and therefore have a better idea of how an engine should be written (build a car engine without designing a car first?). So basically, you will get what you want from the users while getting what you need from the moderators (as if they are that little voice in your head telling you to make good decisions).

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    No I* agree, Some moderator made a completely off topic reply to one of my posts, and when I outed him for not only posting off topic, and being wrong, but being a troll, I found myself banned from the site. That site is more or less worthless.

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    I agree. I don't really post there any more for this reason. Some of the Moderators are real A-holes. It's not that they are just trying to keep things civil either. They often initiate the flame wars and insults. They have their own opinion and not only will they argue for it, they will shut down threads or delete posts if they think you are getting the upper hand. A few of them have a C# bias and will sometimes try to steer you in that direction even if you didn't originally ask about C#. I'm not sure how they pick their "moderators" but many of them go far beyond moderation.

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    Agreed. It's a bunch of kids and following the leader really. I found myself more productive when I stopped going to that site.

    I would recommend the IGDA forums:

    It's a different feeling knowing you're being answered by professionals. There's more insight there than you'll find anywhere else.
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    There is a real C#/Java bias there. Often they will recommend learning C# as a first language, or Java.
    And C++ isn't taken too well there either.

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    Agreed, I thought I was alone on this. Personally I would like to see a professional site where you have to prove a track record of completing a game or two before becoming a member of the forums. Maybe Gamasutra is closer to my high standards.

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    Out of scope
    Why threads should auto-lock after a month of inactivity...
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    I'm in agreement here with SlyMaelstrom.

    Man....c'mon people. Read the forum guidelines. Why we have a constant issue with this is beyond me. Even without guidelines one should understand netiquette when it comes to any forum.

    Please do not bump old threads. Old as in 14 days or more. We have this policy so that new threads get the attention they deserve and old threads that most of us are tired of seeing or that have been derailed and/or given closure can rest in peace.

    2. Please follow the forum structure when posting. Post threads on the board best suited for the topic. Please do not cross post (i.e. post the same question on multiple boards). Do not bump threads. (Bumping: Posting messages on threads to move them up the list or to post on
    a thread that has been inactive for two weeks or longer).
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