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    I don't know; there is just something about being able to know what a variable type is with a single glance rather than a lookup or other chicanery but we are all products of the paths that we have walked. I have worked placed that fired you for NOT doing it and others that would care less if the variable type had HN or worse if the HN is wrong (variable type changed after original composition. Often I have however seen where even if you could find the variable, you had to dig and dig to find it, becoming more irritated at spending time when a single character would have answered the question. Even now with UNIX tools (find/grep/et al) it can take more time than it should. And any time you are on a schedule, time is money. I am not necessarily arguing for HN, just wondering where the rest of you are. It seems more like "wild west" projects are the first to dispose of it (along with many other kinds of "process")..
    That's exactly what a nice IDE tells you just by putting your mouse over the variable.
    No searching required.
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    Sorry, gotta close this one. Last post was 8 months ago. If you want you may start a new thread on the topic you can and it will probably get more replies since this one has about 3 pages of replies which turns most people away.

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