Thread: Text Based RPG & AI?

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    Talking Text Based RPG & AI?


    Well I am new to C++ & I am going to start with making my first text based RPG I have been designing for a year now.

    Well I got one question,

    I don't quite understand how AI works. I wanted to know if there's AI in text based games? I need a better understanding of AI & I have no money as of right now to buy a book. Please help me! Thanks!
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    It sort of depends on whether you have a strict role-playing game (in which case the "AI" is simple, it's just a bunch of tables and random numbers (produced by dice in the traditional RPG)).

    If you have "enemies" to fight in the game, then they may "need" some intelligence to be "dangeorous enough", such as target seeking.

    None of it should be terribtly difficult to implement, as long as the overall game is fairly simple - and if that's not the case, then you probably aren't aiming at the right level in the first place - doing a reasonably complete game of ANY sort is hard enough, and you may never finish it if you make it too complex.

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    check out they have a whole section on ai

    BTW the no money thing isnt an excuse, the library is free, although you may not get the in depth level of knowledge you want, but you never know. Libraries tend to be very eclectic in their selection of books. Plus they serve the general public, most of which wont be interested in a doctoroal thesis on optimization techniques for A* algorithms.
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    The term "AI" encompasses a huge array of algorithms with different goals. I can give you pointers to specific resources but only if you are more specific in what you are looking for.

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    You might want to reconsider your choice of C++ for text based RPG, there is a language called Inform 7, and others which have all been created specifically for text based rpg.

    I don't know how they incorporate AI, but depending on your needs my understanding is that text based adventures rely more on your ability to program multiple permutations rather than AI.

    Check out wikipedia on it:

    I apologise if I have misunderstood what you are looking for.

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