Thread: Need examples on Neural Networks

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    Need examples on Neural Networks


    I am a complete newbie in AI. The last few days I've been trying to understand the basics of neural networks. Although I think I understand how a simple NN works I couldn't find any simple examples to learn about NN implementation. On the net, I found that pattern recognition programs are pretty basic and easy to understand for starters. I looked at different links given in this board to find a simple pattern recognition program in c (I mainly program in c) but couldn't find any. I don't know even how to start NN coding.

    All the books, articles I've come across so far ONLY talks about theroy and NO example codes !!!

    Can anyone help me with some pattern recognition codes (preferably in c) please ?


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    You can for example read the book "AI Techniques For Game Programming" by Mat Buckland. It's in C++, so I don't really know if it will help you. But, anyway, it is a very nice book for a newbie. Includes a cd with a buch of example programs. Really nice. I don't think there are any pattern recognition programs though, except one or two mouse gesture recognition examples.
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