Thread: How to learn Artificial Intelligence?

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    Question How to learn Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello People,

    I am really fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and wanted to gain perfect skills in this field. I wanted to know what is the best way to learn artificial intelligence?
    Can you suggest me some honest ways so that I can gain good knowledge?


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    YouTube tutorials do not cover enough information but it'll be good enough to get you started. Buying a book would only help if you have the time to sit through and read carefully, implement simple designs, etc. I don't know of the "best way of learning" it but I'll be taking it up as my subject when I start my first year at college this year. I have a good amount of beginner knowledge by reading a few books and practicing simple programs and designs. This book has been given me my favourite learning experience so far: deep learning ian goodfellow - Google Search
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