Thread: Calculate unique value for any word

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    Calculate unique value for any word

    Has anyone written an algorithm that can calculate a unique value for any word. Let's say the word "Today" will produce 109283773, then this number will always reflect the word Today. Please note that I am not looking for a dictionary like or database of values, but for an algorithm or a formula etc...


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    How many words?
    What range of numbers?

    For example, if you've got 1000 words, and you want a unique number in the range 0 to 999, then I would suggest you use a std::map< std::string, int >
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    Alternatively, you could think of the string as a number in base 26 then convert to base 10 and back in the usual ways. Of course, this limits the allowed length of words, e.g., for uint32 the limit is 6 but does allow around 300 million strings.

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