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    Random Sentence Generator

    Hey guys! I am currently working on a random sentence generator that has possible applications for AI. I am trying to take a more natural approach to sentence generation than what we have seen in the past. I am storing vectors of nouns, verbs, articles, adjs, advs, and prephrases, and randomly selecting a word from each bank and piecing the parts together in a sentence using series of if statements to ensure that each sentence seems natural when it is outputted. I don't know if anyone here has experience with this type of programming, and if they would like to share their experiences with me.

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    What you are looking for is called a "language model". If you choose which word to output with probability proportional to its frequency, this would be a simple "unigram model". If you output the next word with a conditional probability given the previous word this would be called a "bigram model". This can be naturally extended to "n-gram models".

    You can quite easily learn these models over samples of text.

    Language model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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