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    Neural Network Ideas

    Would it kill the whole concept to encapsulate the weight and learning rate within the link between 2 nodes? I think(very unsurely) that it would make it more versatile, and enable nodes to seem to adapt to individual connections to other nodes rather than as a whole.

    I've been thinking about NNs a lot lately, and my brains kinda overflowing with ideas. As I stupid-check them, if they pass, I'll dump them here.

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    Each link having its own learning rate has certainly been done before. Whether it helps depends on what you are doing.
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    I'm not sure what I'm doing. I guess my ultimate goal would be to have a NN capable of learning anything, but that's admittedly not going to happen. So, in terms of stuff that is possible, I'm trying to get as generalized an NN as possible.

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