Thread: Help with programming my mobile robotic arm in C

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    Help with programming my mobile robotic arm in C

    Hi everybody this is my first time posting on here. Im working on a senior project of a wireless mobile robotic arm that I bought from a company called Lynxmotion Ive arealdy built it and made it wireless, now I want to write a program to show both in my presentation. I used their IDE when I was testing a few things that was in Basic language. There is an option under tools/preferences so I can use C/C++ which I do have some knowledge of I took the class a couple yrs ago. Im taking a class right now for programming microprocessors and my Prof. is teaching it in C (not C++). I think between that class and this forum I can build a program for my bot, maybe trying to keeping it in C. Id like for for it go forward about 3 ft, pick something up and then move it somewhere else. A problem that I may have is that the usb/serial port cable is pretty short, about 8" long. I dont know if I can compile and run the program, then unplug it so it can run the bot, if that makes sense. If it helps it does have two separate switches; one for the microcontroller(servos) and motorcontroller for the motors. Some how delay it in the beginning of the program for 10 secs or maybe use a while loop for a couple of rotations on the motor before they actually start up. I dont know. I'll video tape it and post it on here when Im done. Just need to get pointed in the right direction, asking questions when I get stuck. I have different pics of my bot but when I tried to download them I got a message of saying the jpg is too big so I have to figure that out. Also I dont know if I can post a brief video of the bot on wireless, which may help on what I want the program to do. If anybody can let me know.
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    Stick to C, it's much simpler than C++. Where C++ shines is when OOP is needed to model a lot of "things" in a complex system.

    For "close to the metal" work, C is a great choice.

    I'd suggest doing it in steps:

    1) keeping it wired, learn how to work the arm, in every axis of motion, the full range. Learn how to make pauses, handle the inertial energy correctly ("ramping"), etc.

    2) then run it wirelessly, and keep in mind the small delay in transmit and receive.

    And have fun!

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