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    C machine learning

    C code - 82 lines - codepad

    it recognizes even numbers. all odd numbers are not defined for the program. im testing with odd numbers and it always asks if the entered number is even. so when i say no, it should increase the count of right known numbers. but the problem is that the relations doesnt change. its always 127 to 128. where is the fault?

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    Could you write the code using English variable names and text? Most people here speak English, fewer of us speak any other arbitrary language and it would increase the likelihood of receiving help.

    Selbst für diejenigen von uns, die Deutsch sprechen, kann es das Lesen des Codes erschwert.
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    hi everybody i need a little help with my program, it needs to be written in c. someone please help

    i need to write a program that will create 2 matrices a[4][4] and b [4][4] each matrix should be filled with random integers from 0-10 using the rand function. then matrices a and b should be added and results put into matrix c. then it should calculate the determinants of a,b,and c and display then on the screen as well as the values of a, b and c. the program should use pointers only no indexes

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