Thread: tic tac toe AI algorithm?

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    tic tac toe AI algorithm?

    ok so i coded a tic tac toe game(470 lines) and now I would like to implement some AI into it so i can have the ability to play myself.. if you can point me into any direction as far as how an AI algorithm for this would work... I also attatched a c++ file so you can run it if you wish
    thanks cJ

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    Look up "minimax".

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    there are 19683 possible board combinations, of which only a subset are actually valid. I wrote a tic tac toe AI about 20 years ago that basically just enumerated all possible boards, and kept a record of all moves in the game, when it won it increased the value of the moves it made, when it lost it decreased them. Then run it overnight playing against itself and it will train well enough. During training have it make random moves, but during actual play have it always pick the best possible move.

    It was simple, worked very well, and ran in under 1MB of memory total.

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