Thread: Class design (inherit or not)

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    Class design (inherit or not)

    Really just a question of security.
    I have two classes i am rewriting (safety issues).
    1) class Surface - this is basicly just a smart(kinda) wrapper for SDL_Surface
    2) class Animation - this is obvious, but it uses a reference to Surface right now.
    They both reside in the Varia::Graphics::<CLASS> namespace, but I was wondering if I should have Animation inherit Surface or just keep passing the reference?

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    Is an animation a surface? If not inheritance is not the correct design. I think it's more along the lines that a surface has a or can have an animation. Therefore aggregation would be my choice.

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    What is aggregation? Stuff I have found on google just doesn't explain it good enough.

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    Aggregation is where an object includes another object, either as "full member variable", or as a pointer/reference to the actual variable.

    In you case, perhaps something like this:
    class Animation
        Surface surface;
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    Oh ok thank you Bubba, and matsp.

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