Thread: Finding textures/tiles for my project

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    Finding textures/tiles for my project

    I am not sure if this is the correct board, but here it goes.
    I am in the process of making a (tech demo) type game. Mainly just to test my abilities. My coding has gone great so far and my tile engine works wonderfully but I cant seem to find any tile sheets. I have found sprites and things of that nature, but as far a actual tiles(ground, building, misc.) for my 2D project isnt coming along to well. I just made very poor tiles in MS paint for testing purposes.

    If anyone knows any resource sites or have tiles you would not mind sharing then please let me know. I have been using the shyguy kingdom site for my sprites.

    Thank you for any assistance
    I found a sticky on that has the resources i was looking for. I apologize for the uneeded thread

    Sorry I didn't think about this earlier
    This is the link to the sticky. Sprite links
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    Maybe you can put the link in this post so folks who search on here can find it .

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