Thread: How to make player fire rockets?

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    How to make player fire rockets?

    EDIT: Please ignore my stupid question. I asked because I was struggling with a bug which made this seams more complicated then what it really is. Feel Free to delete the post.

    Im trying to make a simple game, but im having some problems.

    Im my game I have a player class which covers move, draw, kill, life and so on. It also has a fireRocket() function, but im not sure how to really make the player able to shoot. Right now im trying fireRocket() create a new object (class Missile) but the whole thing does not really work and is very very messy.

    What would be a good design/ solution to this?

    Sorry if this is badly formulated/stupid question.
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    You have the right idea except you may want to allow the rocket class to be created by a class that manages objects. Then you would do something like addRocket() inside of PlayerFire().

    In my asteroids game I add lasers to a laser manager class which then handles the object from that point on.

    My solution is something along these lines:

    void Player::Fire()
       X3DGetApp()->GetLaserMgr()->Add(new Laser(....));
    X3DGetApp() returns the application object which then has public accessor functions that allow access to it's various manager classes.

    You could also go with a factory approach in that you have a rocket factory which in turn produces rocket objects. So you would get an instance of the factory and then call create() which would then create the rocket.

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