Thread: Direct3D startup code fails outside of MSVS

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    Direct3D startup code fails outside of MSVS

    For some reason my Direct3D init code is failing outside of Visual Studio. I can run Debug and Release versions from inside of MSVS but not as a standalone EXE.

    I'm not sure at what point this started happening but it is probably related to my new card. However I'm sure this was working on my current video card before.

    When I attempt to use DXTrace() inside of the failed section it reports absolutely nothing. No file or anything and the error is Unspecified error. Thanks a lot DXTrace.

    This leads me to think something else is going on that may be related to my drivers.

    Any ideas?


    Never mind I fixed it. I forgot I started grabbing the setup information from an INI file. The INI file was not in the same folder as the EXE so it died. Inside MSVS it works because of the folder structure and project properties.
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