Thread: Problem with Allegro Grabber

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    Question Problem with Allegro Grabber

    Okay, I just started learning about the allegro grabber and am already having problems. I used the grabber to set up a .dat file containing a .bmp and wrote in the code to display the image. When I compiled the program, Dev-C++ gave me no errors. The .dat file and the program are in the same directory. The screen turns black, then it displays the little waiting image for the mouse for a moment, then that goes away, and the computer appears to be working for a minute before windows comes up and tells me my program has encountered an error and had to close. I've tried modifying the image so that it's 8-bit and I've tried it with and without using a palette. Now, I'm thinking that, since I put in a return -1 in case of an error in the program, that could be it, that my program is going through that error process, but it's supposed to display an error message before returning -1, and it's not doing that. Any idea what I've screwed up?

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    Perhaps a bit of code might garner a better response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nero_Martin View Post
    Dev-C++ gave me no errors.
    What about warnings? Are you using -Wall and -pedantic?

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    Perhaps you're getting a segmentation fault or something. Is the BMP image in the same directory? Do you check to see if the file could be opened or not?

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