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    Meshes and Movement

    I have a skinned mesh that has two animation sets; one standing still and one walking. Obviously, the mesh will contenue to loop through the standing animation until a movement key is pressed, then it will transition to the walking animation.
    This part I have figured out. The problem I am having is once the movement key is released I need to transition back to the standing animation. Every thing I have done so far either transitions to one frame of the walking animation and then goes back to standing, or just does not work at all.
    I think my original line of thought is flawed from the begining, so I was wondering what would be the best was to do this, using DirectX?
    Using Code::Blocks and Windows XP

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    You can either keyframe it or you can get a 3D modelling program that will create transition models via skinning and bones.

    Caligari Gamespace supports skinning and bones and allows you to do just this.

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