Thread: Very strange link error with VS 2005 .NET

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    Very strange link error with VS 2005 .NET

    Every time I attempt to run my StarX.exe more than once an error comes up stating it cannot open StarX.exe for writing. Normally this means the process is still up and running. However checking the task manager reveals the process is nowhere to be found. Checking loaded modules in msinfo32 also does not show StarX.exe.

    I believe my problem is a NULL camera pointer but that should not kill the system. Also I totally commented out the render section of my game except for Clear() and BeginScene(), EndScene(), Present(). I'm testing all the pointers as well and showing error messages if they are invalid......and I get nothing - nada - no errors.

    Some time ago I wrote a program that will kill any program it can and if it cannot it will auto-elevate its privilege so that it can. I recompiled this and changed the filename to StarX.exe and my program says cannot terminate process. This means my DLL cannot find the process. So if my program kill DLL cannot find it, Windows does not show it in task manager, and msinfo32 also does not show it.....why the hell is Visual Studio having issues?

    I'm having to reboot after every compile and debug.


    Ok now I tried it and had some compile errors which means the program DIDN'T link and DIDN'T execute. Yet MSVC is telling me the file is in use by another process. How can this be when the thing never ran?


    Fixed it. Code problem was failing to set my camera mode to FREEFLOAT. It was set on cockpit yet was not attached to any spacecraft and so mouse input failed when it attempted to update because m_pCurCamera was NULL.

    Fixed the Visual Studio issue by simply deleting the old debug exe file completely and letting it rebuild. Not sure why it was locking the other file but deleting it fixed the problem. Most certainly a Visual Studio bug.
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    Bubba - just wondering. Would it be possible to get some screenshots of your game as it is at the moment? I'm very curious

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