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    Graphics Advice

    Yes, I am currently trying to code a client for my MUD. I am looking for a SIMPLE way to draw images on the screen (from sources like .BMPs, JPGs, etc.) I successfully created a client in VB ( but I want a portable client (Win, Linux, Mac, etc.)

    If you have any suggestions, email me or reply to this post.


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    Allegro is an easy to use interface for video, audio, and input that also has support for making compressed .dat files etc. It is giftware, thus there are no requirements for using it. It is fast, and it is cross platform for Windows, DOS, Linux, BeOS, (somewhat Mac.. it is developing more and more), QNX, etc....
    Allegro precompiled Installer for Dev-C++, MSVC, and Borland:

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    SDL is pretty cool. It's not the easiest thing to grasp, but that's okay :P. It's also portable.

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