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    Open GL

    Ok, so I have no real knowledge of open GL. I know what it is and all that.. and I know the basics of C and am learning more everyday. Also I am going to soon venture into the world of C++. But I was wondering if anyone had any books or resources they used to learn open GL....


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    You could pick up the red book, I recently switched to it after reading some other opengl book and I find it to be more interesting as to explaining why you do things rather than just telling you to do them like the other book. It's freely available online

    codesamples here

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    the easiest way to set up an opengl project i've ever seen, is get dev-c++, get the glut/opengl dev packs, crate a new opengl project... run it... then go from there.

    what you should spend time learning about is how to manipulate all the properties of opengl and familiarize yourself with its features within a working project.

    eventually use c++ to build classes which manage objects on a screen for you, it's a great way to connect an abstract concept to something you can see on the screen. :-)

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    code::blocks also has a built in template for glut/glfw(I recommend over glut) and devpak support.

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