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    Help for the learner

    hi, i have done basic c programming, and done a little c++

    i really want to get started in programming. where is the best place to start. i would one day like to look into games. also wheres the best place to learn what all the c propgram commands like, eg. getchar() or strcat. i no what they do when i use them but there must be sum were i can find all the meaning and actions of all the basic code.

    thanks very much, probably a silly question to most of you but i guess we all have to start sumwhere.


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    you know if some of you would just LOOK through some of the forums first, you'd see all the links above posted in about every other thread... it's not like you really needed to make a thread for this question.

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    Just type what you want to find in the search box.
    You'll get enough hits about what you want to keep you busy for quite some time.

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