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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    You might get away with that with other languages but eventually you will have to learn how to manage memory.

    Try to program these 'simple' classic games without doing memory management or that god awful thing called programming
    I don't see why not knowing memory management would keep you from developing a game. Scorched Earth 2000 is an online version of SE that uses Java for both client and server. It performs pretty well and last time I tried it was pretty much bug free. Also I would consider it a bit more complex than asteroids or space invaders.

    Personally I don't have anything against garbage collectors. And I especially don't see how using them automatically makes you a bad programmer. The main thing I like about C++ is that you can choose whether or not to use a GC. In fact you can even code your own and have it behave like you want it to behave.

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    No one said bad programmers or good programmers. But trying to program a game in any language without learning the language is bad. That is essentially what is being discussed here.

    The simple point is if you cannot program then don't program a game. Learn to program and then program a game.

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    and just because 90% of flash developers suck doesn't mean flash sucks for making games,
    Not in theory, but in practice it's quite obvious that Flash sucks, period

    So essentially what you are saying is that Java frees memory when and if it wants to? Not exactly good inside of a pre-emptive multitasking system eh? Java is good for what it was designed for. It is caca for games.
    Hardly, it works quite well.
    And preemptive MT has nothing to do with it. If garbage collection didn't work in a multitasking environment I think we'd have found out by now, with over a decade of Java running multibillion dollar systems and a decade of Smalltalk before that (plus all the other systems using garbage collectors).
    The GC frees memory when it can, running in a background thread. If you do something stupid and code a thread at a priority which preempts all others from running, that's your responsibility as an idiot, not the responsibility of the JVM (or any system employing garbage collection).

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    Not to undermine anyone here, but I go to Full Sail currently, which is a video game development school, and we focus on C++ here. Yet time and time again we have been told that unless you are truly working on a professional title, C++ is not worth it. The development time required outweighs the possible benefits. Flash is your best bet if you're looking for a language to pick up and make a game.

    Now, with that said, if you wanted to "graduate" past small games you're probably going to want to take up another language. In that case I would say to jump into C++ headfirst, and like Bubba has said, time and time again, you need to know how to program, before you can learn how to make games. Making a game is a task that can test even the most experienced of programmers, and leave them curled up in a ball in the corner. If you don't have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of programming, memory management being PARAMOUNT for gaming, you can't hope to get very far.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    Your input is more than welcome but please don't bump old threads.

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