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    Question Need Questions Answered Please

    Hi, Im new to and want to say it is an awesome site...

    now im new to the c languages but not programming ... i have worked with PHP before and understand it fairly well... i have made some basic C programs my work is here

    but yea i am confused on a couple of things...

    i am interested in making a game... of course starting small and learning but i don't know where to start

    A few Questions?

    Where do i start?

    Graphics how do i do them?

    What graphics program should i use?

    How do i install the library?

    What sites will teach me what i need to know...

    Thank you for reading

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    If you are as new to C/C++ as you say you are dont bother with graphics for now. Start out with console-based games (text RPG's, tic tac toe etc), get experienced with the language (really experienced). Because as soon as you involve graphics you make it much much harder than it is with console only.
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    I agree with Shakti, but when you do get into graphics - I recommend NeHe's Tutorials (Which are OpenGL).
    The other popular option is Direct X, however it is specific to Windows.

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    I'd really venture into learning the language first. PHP is pretty far from C/C++ and are meant to do different things. Jumping straight into Graphics, OpenGL specifically, is pretty risky and could just end up taking a lot of time without understanding the language first.

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