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    Couple Code Snippets

    Alright I have a couple of code snippets I want to know what exactly they do I mean what everything means not just what it is doing.

    bActive = !((BOOL)HIWORD(wParam));

    Alright I know it is typecasting HIWORD into a boolean variable but what is HIWORD(wParam) if I remember isn't wParam split into two 16 bit integers. So would HIWORD be taking the first of the two integers?

    Thanks anyone who helps

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    wparam and lparam are additional info passed in a Windows program with a message.

    case	WM_SIZE:
    this is a size msg recieved in the callback and then the x,y coods are extracted so the window can be redrawn at the correct size.

    In yours it looks like a flag is checked to the see if it is not equal to current.
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